It’s time to Lead. Love. Profit. ğŸŽ¤ğŸ’“ğŸ¤‘

Holding space for clients to feel inspired to live greater lives by example. While maintaining a thriving business, healthy life-balance, confident negotiations, bold marketing, and esteem among your peers.

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Agent Curious

Are you considering a career as an agent, but have concerns about how to create a thriving business without sacrificing relationships?
Are you currently investing in real estate and wonder if being an agent is a good fit?

New or Relocating Agent

Are you new and looking for a more heart-centered approach to find the people you truly want to help?
Did you move from one market to another and want to try something different?
Were you feeling like a cog in a team machine and have taken a leap into your own brand?


Have you been feeling burnout?
Do you feel like you're hitting a plateau?
Maybe you don't feel like the agents around you understand your need to feel like more than a transactional robot, who fills in contract fields and scours for permits?

Taking Inspired Actions

Many years back, two ambitious real estate agents dove head first into mindset adjustments and personal development. We realized there were aspects to real estate transactions which made separating life-stress from work-stress difficult, and every business coach just pressured us to partition our personal life or work less hard. Sensing a desire to show genuine care and excitement for every client, partitioned and throttled work just did not compute.

Agency Beyond Transactions

Having been exposed to motivating messaging, we found ourselves comfortable encouraging aspiration for our clients.
We stopped asking how many rooms they'd need and leaned more toward dreaming of their happiest day in the new home, what it felt like, where they spent most of the day, before addressing the logistic aspects.
Eventually, we were working with entrepreneurs who loved encouragement toward greater connections and higher earning opportunities through collaborative introductions.
We've honed a unique representation paradigm as real estate agents which we're excited to share.

Join Agent Inspired!

We realize you're at some phase of readiness for a change, the big questions for you are:
How badly do you want to see the change?
Who can you uplift or inspire to live a great life with proper tools?


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